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The 11 Digital Marketing Tools in 2021

Today, no one needs to be told of the importance of online marketing tools and the role they play in businesses. Day in day out, developers are coming up with new and more tools to ease the stress that comes with digital marketing. In the same way, modern-day digital marketers wouldn’t stop at exploiting different digital marketing tools to bring significant results to their businesses.

As an entrepreneur, what else could be a top priority if not marketing your products for optimum success? Digital marketing could be stressful especially if you are not a full-time marketer. Having to update, post, reply to a couple of comments among other tasks. Perhaps, you are also looking for ways to gain more page likes, followers, retweets.

Imagine the stress that you would face doing all these tasks everyday or in 2 days. In the same way, digital marketers, online business owners, and even bloggers are looking for ways to make life easier for people. No doubt you probably want to spend less time managing your social media and spend more on your business growth. 

Scheduling your posts will grant you more time to engage in other places where your presence is actually needed, i.e. replying to comments, finding new people, and making more connections in the digital marketing world.

Why Use Digital Marketing Tools

There are many tools and services that are designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners handle their marketing and business more effectively. The good news is that, with the right digital marketing tools, you can save an enormous amount of time, energy, and also maintain your sanity.

  • You can access all your social media streams in one place with ease and comfort, meaning that you don’t have to log in to different accounts and platforms. 
  • You can consistently update your posts and contents at a scheduled time every day.
  • You can schedule batch posts and contents in advance.

Digital marketing tool #1: CANVA

It’s 2020, if you are not using Canva, you are probably the only one who is living in the past or worse, under a rock. lol. With Canva, I bet you wouldn’t have to rack your head so much as there are lots and lots of million templates to customize to your taste.

As a full-time or a part blogger, business owner, entrepreneur, or digital marketer, you definitely can’t afford to hire a graphics designer all the time for a simple design. Canva is all you need for your graphics. It lets you design pictures for all niches and categories from blog graphics, Pinterest graphics, Instagram post/story, Facebook posts, and more.

Canva comes with a free and paid version. The paid version lets you access over 4 million photos. Isn’t that large enough? maybe YES!

You also get to organize your designs into folders, create animations, and create a brand kit for your social account or website. No design skill is necessary and it allows any kind of design which can be used anywhere.

Digital marketing tool #2: EVERNOTE

Are you a student, entrepreneur, or a blogger planning an event? Evernote is super useful for the course.

Evernote is an online notebook that can hold thousands to millions of other notebooks, store your documents, images, and files generally. These files are not just stored but can be edited and shared. 

Unlike other storage and retrieval systems, Evernote lets you write notes (as many as possible), arrange them in collections called notebooks into their categories, and further arrange your notebooks in Stacks (local way of shelving). Additionally, it lets you upload photos/files; chat with friends/family/co-workers; share your notebooks with other people, and even more. 

Evernote pricing starts from a basic plan (100% free) which allows only 60MB uploads per month. The $25/yr plus membership allows 1GB upload a month and their $50/yr premium plan allows unlimited upload. See full info here.

Digital marketing tool: #3: TAILWIND

Tailwind is simply a smart way to schedule your post (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter). It has so many benefits and shortcuts.

Tailwind helps you with multi-board pinning, scheduling your post, drag and drop calendar, hashtag list and suggestion tips and tricks, bulk images upload growth analysis and so much more. Once you have decided to use this tool, make sure to spend time in the analytics; in this way, you get to find out what is doing well and what is not.

Make sure to explore profile performance, pin inspector, top pins, boards insight, referral traffic and organic activity.

For me, I would say “Write when you can and Tailwind will complete the job for you”. It’s definitely one of the best marketing automation tools.

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Digital marketing tool #4: GOOGLE ANALYTICS

Do you want to know where your website’s traffic is coming from? Google analytics is the answer to this. Google Analytics lets you measure your performance. Additionally, this tool also has metrics for social stats, this gives you your social media stats and it lets you know which platform works better for you than another.

It’s very important that you have this installed if you have a website for your business. Read this post to understand google analytics. Before you sign up for Google Analytics, you want to have your website or blog set up and have it running. Read my post on How to Start a Blog.

Digital marketing tool #5: ICONOSQUARE

The analytic tool you need for your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. It provides metrics about your followers. You simply need this if you get tired of Instagram’s own analytics and mostly if you manage other accounts.

Iconosquare is easy to use and understand, it also helps you to analyze your best performing content.

Digital marketing tool #6: MAILCHIMP

Mailchimp lets you design an email newsletter, share on social media, grow your email list, web-page, or blog, and also track analysis.

Email lists were something I didn’t really understand when I first started blogging, I knew it was an important thing to have, but I just didn’t know how it really worked and how to set it up. One reason to choose MailChimp is that the first 2000 subscribers are free! so you’re not paying a dime. This is great if you are on a budget and you’re just starting out.

Digital marketing tool #7: MILOTREE

MiloTree is a small smart pop-up that helps grow your email list, Pinterest, Facebook, Facebook Business page fans, and Instagram posts which your visitors simply have to press a button to subscribe to whatever you put there. 

In about 2 minutes, you can set-up your own MiloTree pop-up and try it out for a 30-day free trial. There is no risk to sign up! MiloTree can convert your traffic into subscribers and followers.

Digital marketing tool #8: AHREFS

Do you want to know if your content marketing campaigns are actually working? Go no further, Ahref is an online marketing tool that can save you a lot of time and stress with this. This tool provides a broad and extensive breakdown of your website statistics: keywords you rank for, analysis of backlinks to your website, and even more. 

I have read a lot of articles that contribute to the effectiveness of this tool and I have personally witnessed this. Additionally, Ahrefs is one of the most essential digital marketing tools in the industry today. It makes your content marketing strategy easy.

Digital marketing tool #9: CRAZYEGG

I bet, there are many digital marketing tools that you have never heard of – and CrazyEgg might possibly be one of them. And if you haven’t heard of CrazyEgg, you are certainly missing out.

CrazyEgg is a mapping tool that allows you to see where your website visitors click when they visit your page. From when they landed on your website, the tool shows you where your website visitors have scrolled and where they abandoned your website.

Do you even care about that? Do you care to know where your visitors navigate to? If you do then you should try this tool. The information provided by this tool is super useful in understanding and optimizing your website.

Digital marketing tool #10: GOOGLE TRENDS

Another great tool from Google is Google Trends. This tool helps to break down the  popularity of search queries in Google search across regions and languages.

Digital marketing tool: #11: BUFFER

Buffer helps you get all your social media platforms in one place. With this tool, you can schedule your social posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Also, when you find contents you want to schedule, you can add them into your Buffer queue and it’ll automatically go out at the specified time.

In conclusion, these are some great tools for digital marketers; simply using these tools make digital marketing easier and more convenient.

7 thoughts on “The 11 Digital Marketing Tools in 2021”

  1. Thanks for writing this post . Some I use like Canva and Google Analytics. I will look into Tailwind and some of the others mentioned as I am both a blogger and small business owner.

  2. I personally use MailChimp, canva, tailwind, neil patels ubersuggest tool and google analytics .this is a great list thank you for the suggestions..

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Crazy Egg in particular sounds super helpful – I had never heard of it though. I’ll have to check it out

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