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29 tools every entrepreneur needs

As an entrepreneur, handling all entrepreneurial tasks could be a killer idea. Having tool and systems that would handle some of these tasks is a pain reliever and game changer for your business – meaning, less stress and less time spent. With these best tools for entrepreneurs, working from comfort zone just got easier and better.

While some of these tools are paid, there are also some that offer free trial and others are 100% free. You might never have need of them until you try them out. These entrepreneurial tools would help  skyrocket your business productivity, help you with automation, scheduling and improve the way you run your business. 


In no particular order,  here are my top 29 best tools for entrepreneurs.

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1. Iconosquare: An analytic tool for your Facebook and Instagram. If you get tired of Instagram and Facebook own analytics, this is a great option. It provide metrics about your followers and help you analyze your best performing content. It’s easy to use and understand.

2. Hootsuite: Social media platform that lets you connect up to 50 social accounts and have analytics for them. It has a paid version and you can also use the trial version for 30 days.

3. Aquity: Online scheduling software. Aquity helps you set your availability allowing you embed calendars to your website so anyone can make booking.

4. DropBox: A free cloud storage tool that lets you upload your files to your account and access them from anywhere. When collaborating with others, you can share files from Dropbox and they will have access.

5. Canva: Canva is always my number one recommendation when it comes to design. It’s worth it to say ‘Canva is what you need for all your designs’. It lets you design your graphics for all niche and categories. Although it comes with a paid version, you can still access hundreds to thousands of free photos, designs, templates, illustrations and more.

6. All in one printer: One very important tool every entrepreneur or business owner. This Canon all in one printer let’s you print your documents, scan, copy your documents without stress.

My honest review: I’ve been using this printer for about 5 months now and I’ve only needed to change the ink just 4 times. One feature I really enjoy is that I can simply print from my smart phone when I receive a document. It’s just too comfortable to use.

7. Google Analytics: No doubt, every smart blogger or entrepreneur is definitely using this tool. This analytic tool helps track and give you detailed report of your website traffic, gives you full report on how your website is being used (including location, browser type, platform etc.)

8. Webinar Ninja: Personally, i have never hosted any webinar, but this tool has been so much exaggerated. Here, you can co-host a webinar; there’s also a live chat feature and can be integrated on Facebook.

9. Tailwind: One popular platform when it comes to scheduling your Instagram and Pinterest posts. Tailwind helps you with multi-board pinning, scheduling your post, drag and drop calendar, hashtag list and suggestions, bulk image upload, growth analysis and so much more.

10. Planner: Every entrepreneur gets busy that they sometimes almost forget things. With this planner, your thoughts, appointments, tasks, reference, goals are organized, saving you time and ease the stress in your head.

Checkout the reviews here!

11. Theme Forest: Marketplace for themes (website) and templates. This marketplace allows you to buy and sell themes.

12. Milotree: MiloTree is a small pop-up that helps you grow e-mail list, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram post. Your visitors only have to hit the subscribe button or anything you put there. 

13. Gumroad: Do you have a course or an eBook that you want to offer affiliation? Then Gumroad is definitely a choice. This platform makes selling easy especially when you have many affiliate products.

You might want to check out my published eBook on Gumroad here.

14. Adjustable Office chair: Comfort is everything! You can never go wrong using this chair as it assures comfort and very durable.

15. Jing: A free tool you need for all your screen capture or record.

16. Headphones: Particularly noise cancelling headphones. This is especially useful when you need a particular project or task done without distractions around. This headphone has always come to my rescue if I have to work in a noisy place. 🙂

Do well to pick a pair of this Headphone so you can finish your project without distractions.

17. Infogram: Not everyone is familiar with Infogram, It is a free tool that allows you create astoning infographics, charts or data visualization with their built-in templates.

18. Buffer: Buffer helps you link social media profiles. It also helps you schedule over 50 posts at once for each social platform you have and take analytics of each content.

19. Google Docs: Google docs has been so so much useful to me as a blogger, I can just put anything in my head in there and probably come back to edit and modify it before posting. I just can’t over emphasize the usefulness of this. Its simply wow!

20. Get my Dropshipping eBook: This eBook covers all aspects of dropshipping business; how to find reliable supplier, how to optimize your dropshipping store, dropshipping platforms and so much more.

21. Typeform: Typeform lets you collects feedbacks and data. Typeform makes collecting and sharing of information comfortable. This form can be embedded in a blog or website so it shows as  a pop-up to the visitor.

22. Business card holder: Business cards are still important to carry along on the go. Business card holder like this can help you carry several business cards around. Don’t overlook the value of business cards, although it may be a small piece of paper – it reflects your brand image.

Let me know if you’d need help in designing your business card or logo. Would love to help. 🙂

23. Google Drive: Rather than having a file system on your PC, Google drive is a better option. With Google Drive, your files, images etc. are stored and you don’t have to worry about losing them so long you have access to your google account. Files can also be shared with other people with sharing links.

24. Coffee machine: Stay refreshed on the go and get stuffs done with this coffee dispenser.

25. ConvertKit: For a better e-mail marketing system, ConvertKit is what is use for my other blog. It has all the answers to your e-mail questions and helps you build your e-mail list and organized. It’s simple and amazing to use.

27. Airtable: Airtable is a database used to organize informations. It helps manage different kinds of data from marketing plan, content calendar planning.

28. Grammerly: This is 100% useful for content writers. Grammerly spellcheck and proofread your work as you write.

29. SendOwl: Create eBooks

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  1. Great info! Lots of things I hadn’t heard of. I’ve been considering switching over to ConvertKit. I love Canva! It’s one of the few things I pay for the premium version.

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