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Online Marketing Tools For Business Owners

Marketing tools as the word may imply does not only have to deal with just tools or apps or software but in context means techniques and strategies.

You might have been thinking otherwise but truth is you don’t need to be a professional to:

  1. Make graphics design
  2. Edit videos for your marketing campaigns
  3. Write

Additionally, you don’t need to be extravagant paying for software that is rather free. Don’t get me wrong, you can invest in these tools if you want after reading this article, you would be surprised how much you can for free.

With the many hundreds to thousands of apps, software, and tools there are today, it is seemingly difficult to know the one that actually works which would be the right choice and fit for your business. To help you make the right choice, I have put together some paid and free online marketing tools for business owners.

An important point you must note is that you must know which online marketing tool for business works best for you to easily achieve your goals.

I guarantee you that I am not only going to list these marketing tools but how to use them to have success for your offline and online business. These marketing tools can enhance your business to generate leads and boost sales, campaign performance, advertising, internet marketing, use free and high-quality stock photos and designs and so much more.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media is a powerful online marketing tool for business owners but could be difficult at times to manage social media feeds especially for beginners. It plays a very important role in promoting and growing your brand or business online. When you leverage social media effectively, you can direct thousands of visitors to your website or business.

You simply have to create new content and engage with your audience to grow on these platforms.

Here are some online marketing tools to simplify and make your social media management comfier.



Buffer is a social media management software. The tool can help you schedule all your text posts, video posts, and photos to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more with advanced analytics. Buffer has both a free and paid version, the free version lets you use only three social media platforms of your choice. 

They have a $15/mo Pro plan that allot you to 8 social accounts, 1 user and 100 posts to schedule.

Their $65 Premium plan allots you to 8 social accounts, 2 users, and jaw-dropping 2000 posts to schedule.

Their business plan which costs $99/mo lets you connect up to 25 social accounts, have a team and collaborate with them, and schedule up to 2,000 posts per account. 

This is awesome. Isn’t it?

It definitely is.

See full details of Buffer pricing

Buffer is available for both Android, iOS devices and web version for easy use.


Later is an Instagram marketing platform. With its drag and drop features, the platform enables you to plan, schedule, publish, and measure the results with their analytic tool.

You can figure out what’s working and what’s not with their analytics tool – this in turn will let you grow faster.

Instagram does not let you add a link(s) to your post or any other place, instead, they let you add only one clickable link to your bio description. This one link should be used wisely. 

If you have a website you have an option to create a custom landing page for your Instagram to add your products/services. Else Later let you create a landing page for your products/services and further direct your potential clients to other pages or social platforms you might have.

Almost everyone on Instagram uses the thing. If you are not, you are missing out. You don’t need to have a website before you can create a Linkin. bio link. Other features include post and story, scheduling, generated content, Instagram analytics, Pinterest scheduling, TikTok scheduling, and so on.

Later have free plans and paid plans. Check out their full details here.


tailwind - online marketing tools for business owners

Tailwind is an online marketing tool for Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind lets you schedule posts for your Instagram and Pinterest accounts. 

The Instagram marketing tool helps you plan, create, optimize, and analyze and most importantly, grow your Instagram posts.

With the Pinterest marketing tool, you can skyrocket your website or business through their Tailwind communities and smartloop.

  • The Tailwind communities tool lets you connect to hundreds to thousands of other marketers and businesses. With this kind of community, you can be sure of getting your post/content seen by the right kind of people i.e. you can connect and grow with creators like you.
  • Tailwind Smartloop lets you automate selected pins and keep them evergreen by looping them automatically to the selected boards.

Additionally, The new Tailwind Pinterest create can help you create and schedule pins directly from your Tailwind account. With this tool, creating and scheduling pins has never been easier. Click here to explore.

Tailwind has free and paid plans. See their pricing here.

Graphics Design Tools

Good design is a vital part of online marketing. They can help you get more interactions and engagements on social media. As a writer/content creator, business owner, social media manager, etc. we wear a lot of different hats – being a graphics designer is the most common nature we can take. We are not limited to one-job-and-done.

Here are some graphics design online marketing tools for business owners


canva online marketing tools

If you are not familiar, Canva is an online design tool that lets you create a wide range of designs for your business and whatever personal need you might want to use it for. So far, Canva has been the best designing tool I know – probably because I use it a lot. But I’m kinda addicted to Canva for all my designs. It’s an online marketing tools for business I will always recommend as a solution for all your design problems.

They have thousands to millions of templates and photos for different social media platforms to create what you want and you can use many of them for free. It can help you create your blog graphics, Instagram post and story, social media covers, infographics, and many many more.

Canva has two versions; the free and paid plan. 

With the paid version, you can save your brand colors and fonts. Additionally, you can also save a number of color palettes, import fonts, organize your designs into different folders, resize your design (let’s say, from Pinterest pin to Instagram story), and have access to millions of templates and photos. 

Canva pro pricing starts from $12.95/mo and it’s 100% worth it.

Here are some Canva Tricks you should know

  • Move an element slightly

Ever tried to move an element or a text on canva slightly to the sides but your mouse wouldn’t let you? Here’s a fix.

Simply select the element or text and use your keyboard arrow to move it slightly to the left or right, up or down – and you are done.

Arrow key = 1px move

Shift key + Arrow key = 10px move

  • Grouping elements

When designing, you might have a lot of components that are free to roam – these components. are better grouped together and have them as blocks if you have a lot of them. 

To group these components, simply hold the shift key on your keyboard and select (left-click) all the elements you’d like to group. Then right-click, you would see a ‘Group’ option – click and you are done.


With Snappa pre-made templates, you don’t have to start designing from scratch. With their free plan, you can get access to 6000+ templates, over 4 million HD photos with just 3 downloads in a month. The paid plans give you more access to enjoy this tool. You can remove image background, have access to unlimited downloads, and can integrate buffer/social media.

Their $10/mo plan allows only one user while the $20 team plan allows a team of 5 to use. See more details here.

Stock Photos

Images are just one technique to attract eyes to your content or business. According to SocialMediaExaminer, 32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business, with blogging in second (27%). Buffer also reports that Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images.

As entrepreneur/business owners, bloggers, marketers, etc. the need for stock images is always high. When it comes to stock photos, no number is never enough, the best is sought after seeing the best.

What are stock photos?

Stock photos are photographs/pictures that are to be used with royalty. They are sometimes sold and can be reused for commercial purposes. This means these stock photo images are legal to use on your website/blog or anywhere.

Here are some stock photography sites that have free commercial use images


Anytime and every time there’s always something usable here. They have millions of images for all categories. The best thing is that these images can be used absolutely for free – so if your stock images plug requires you to pay some amount for a pro plan (to access more licensed images), you can always fall back to Unsplash.

They have images from a wide range of categories; wallpapers, animals, fashion, architecture, interior, street photography, and many many many more. The results in Unsplash are endless.

Unsplash images can be used for personal projects, editorial and commercial use.


Picjumbo is yet another site to get stock images for your online marketing. They provide information about the photograph like size, aperture, shutter, and so on. 

Checkout their site here.


Pexels is another great place to get stock photos and videos. You can use their images absolutely for free and also for commercial use. You can use their images for any project – all images have already been licensed under Pexels license.

Where to get girly/feminine stock photos

For those that know what feminine photos are you would know that they are exceptionally beautiful and can refine the way, your site or blog looks, and above all, they are very attractive and eye-catching. 

To get more free stock photos, explore these places!

Productivity tools

Every online marketer knows what tool is good for them. Not every tool is perfect for everyone; it’s very important to choose tools that suit you and your business. It’s crucial to use online marketing tools that complement your style.

Here are some tools that will help you to stay organized with your online marketing business.

Google Drive

A solution to all your keep all your digital files organized. Google Drive is an awesome tool to backup all your files in the cloud and is able to retrieve and access them anytime from any device.

Google Drive gives up to 15GB of cloud storage. You can have different folders for different stuff you might have and also be able to share folders that everyone can easily access.


SmartQueue is an all-in-one queue management system for online marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and whoever needs relief from their businesses. With this tool, you can schedule, loop all your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram saving you up to 8hrs/week.

With Smartqueue, you can reply to all your Twitter DMs and Facebook messages in a unified folder. Additionally, their analytic tool shows what content is doing well and what’s not.


IFTTT stands for “if this, then that”. It is productivity software that helps you connect apps and devices that would otherwise not connect with each other.

The platform is not only for social media management but extends to home automation.

Bottom line, IFTTT is a super useful device that lets you connect services, apps, and home devices



Trello is an awesome online marketing tool for collaboration, that uses boards, lists, and cards in an organized way to keep track of everything you do for personal and team productivity. With this tool, you can plan your trips, write, integrate the app with third-party software, and use automation to streamline your work, editorial calendar, and so on.

The use of paper for note taking is a great ideas but as your business grows, it’ll need a place to keep all those notes organized and safe. Trello works for any kind of project and team in a visual way.

They have a free plan and also paid plans. See them here.

See more must-need tools for every entrepreneur and business owner here.

Infographics maker

Infographics are a way to convey information (in form of visual content) in a way that people can grasp easily. They could summarize information and make your content visually stimulating.


Visme is a design and presentation tool to help you create content. They have hundreds of infographics templates to choose from or you can create yours from scratch.

Video, audio, chart, map can be incorporated into your infographics.

See their plans and pricing here.


How to measure the success of your marketing tool

It’s very important that you know and notes the success of any marketing tool you might be using for your business. As important as it is, not many people know how to measure the success of these online marketing tools they use for their business. The success of any tool you use depends on the goals you have set for the business or platform you use it for.

It’s important to measure your success owing to the following reasons:

  • To know the strategy that’s working for your business especially when it comes to paid advert
  • To measure the outcome of your posts and content 

Generally, many of the aforementioned tools have an advanced analytics tool that can help you measure your content in any of the platform(s)

Final Thought

Again, not every tool is perfect and suits all businesses. Finding the one that works for your business is a great forward step. If you are introduced to a couple of tools that perform the same function, it’s advisable to try them out – to see which one would work well and fit your business. Besides, these are great options when choosing online marketing tools for your business.


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