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How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Do you have/own a business? Are you looking for ways to attract and engage new productive customers on Social Media for free?

Viola! you are in the right place.

To be honest with you, it will rake you some time and effort; but its worth it at the end of the day.

Many successful businesses out there have social media as part of their business success story. Although some of the traffic they get from these social media platforms are paid but they also do it in a free ways.

Social Media offers a wide variety of marketing opportunities for businesses. Here I’ll give you some tips on how to promote your business on Social Media for free.

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Choose The Right Platform

First of all, you will have to do a research about your potential audience. Which social media platform are they using?

As a business or entrepreneur, it’s important to know your ideal audience, their needs, interest and priorities.

Nevertheless, almost everyone is on Instagram and Facebook. These are probably the best platforms to start with.

On Facebook, there are tons and lot of pages and groups to join to connect with like minded people. Don’t join groups randomly, it’s not going to help – look for groups related to your niche and join.

Choosing the right social media platform does not mean you should settle for one or two. But if that’s what you can get hold of – great. With the many numbers of automation software out there, you can schedule all your posts and have time for other tasks.

Finally, whatever group or page you join, make sure you always provide value when engaging in them.

Post Regularly

Having chosen a platform to grow your business, it’s time to build trust. Every business is all about making sales right? So is yours. This is why it’s important to build trust – without trust, you are probably not going to make any sales.

Consistency is a major key to success on social media. There is really no number of posts per day that works for every business, the best way to find out what’d work for you is trial. Posting consistently can help your business appear on your followers feed. hence, you can encourage them to open the social media platform more.

At the same time, posting daily or at least 5 times a week would keep your audience updated that you aren’t just a ghost and at the same time you wouldn’t want to post more than is needed, so you won’t bore your audience.

If you can’t stay consistent, there are a number of schedulers you can us to schedule your posts – my favourite is Tailwind.

Do this and measure your results!

Lastly, the possibilities of success to promote your business on social media are endless. With consistency, creativity, and dedication, there is the positivity that your brand/business awareness will increase.

NOTE: You don’t always have to post about your business the days of the week or month. It’s definitely going to bore your audience. There are so many other things to engage them with like posting an inspirational quote, behind the scene of your work, asking them for an opinion (Afterall it’s all about them), share your favourite business resource, and more.

Don’t know what to post on your social media platforms? Check this post for ideas.


The most powerful too to make your audience trust you is by Talking to them. It is very crucial to have a relationship with your followers. This is one recommendation to beat the social media algorithm

Find accounts with similar niche and communicate with them.

  • Like some of their posts and write meaningful comments on them – try to avoid spam comments like emoji without words and 1 or 2 words comment. Comments matter more on a platform like Instagram now, likes mean very little but your followers still appreciate it anyway.
  • Interact with your followers; asking a question in your post or in the description.
  • Engage with your customers and potential customers. You can easily connect with your customers by simply responding to them, helping them, or asking a question. Let them know you’re there.

Additional Tips

#1. Use hashtags

In a simple way, Hashtags are the bread and butter for being found on Instagram. You can discover accounts just like yours, i mean same product/services you offer. These Hashtags helps you gain more likes, new followers organically, find new businesses/creative ideas. They help you to easily navigate to your topic of interest..

For example, if you’re your Brand relates to travel, be sure to use hashtags like #travel #traveldestination #travels. These #Hashtags helps you get more audience to relate with your post.

#Hashtags gets posts every minute, so no post is new as they receive hundreds to thousands of posts regularly. To make Hashtags work for you, find only the ones relevant to your business.

#2. Use captions

Instagram is almost about photos and videos, but how possible is it for photos to say everything? That’s where you need a caption. First, think about the purpose of the photo, if it’s to announce a give-away – use a giveaway caption. Because Instagram doesn’t allow links in the caption or in the comment section, you could simply put “Link in comment” in your caption.

Also, include your keywords in this caption so when words like that are searched for, your post might appear at the top of the result.

#3. Engage with other people/Brands

To also promote your business on Instagram, Focus on the social aspect by interacting with other Instagram users by commenting, liking, and following them – this is the fastest way to make connections and build your followers. You could interact with other people in your niche because these are people who’ll appreciate your profile and whatever you post.

Don’t just follow random accounts, it’s 80% sure that’s these people won’t follow you back, instead of find accounts with the same interest as you and engage with them. Remember that’s what you’re after is quality and not quantity. It’s the engagement that matters.

Sometimes you could message bigger brands with more following for an account take over (they help you post any of your brand pictures and tag you. The beauty of this is that you could get more followers.

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