how to organize your small business

How To Organize Your Small Business

It is often said that business owners wear many hats – meaning that organize and balance their business tasks all the time to get the best from their business.

Deciding to start a business is very exciting! It also can be very overwhelming.

Also, it’s not the start that matters (even though it still does) but keeping up with the business and staying organized is a hard thing to do sometimes.

As a business owner, getting your business organized should be prominent on your business priority list. Keeping your business workspace organized is a good risk management skill – in this way you don’t lose track of some crucial documents, receipts, and bills. In this way, you are able to focus on some more important aspects of your business and avoid mistakes that may lead to lawsuits.

I have been there and everyone has been there

6 Ways To Organize Your Business

1. Use a Planner

As the popular saying goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” No matter how small or big your business is, planning should be a very important process of it. Have a roadmap of activities you have to do (daily, weekly or monthly as it suits you). This can save you some hours weekly and cut unnecessary stress.

As a business owner, using a planner is a very wise decision to make. It can keep your business organized and can help you streamline your goals and prioritize your to-do list. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, stay at home mom, or business professional, we can all agree that we need a little organization to get everything done in one day.

To get an optimum productive year, always make challenges out of the smallest task you have to do. If you want to read one book in a week, make it a challenge, if you have content to create, make it a challenge. Having a productive year happens when you make challenges.

2. Have a content calendar for your social media

Your job just got doubled if you decide to handle your social media accounts yourself.

Do you feel overwhelmed by planning your content for social media for your business?  Maybe that overwhelm manifests by way of the fact that you just DON’T plan your content for social media?

Handling social media accounts is a lot of work to do – and it’s more killing when you don’t have money to hire a virtual assistant. Social media is very important in every business. In fact, any business that is not on social media is missing out a lot.  At the same time, managing social media comes with a lot of stress and can be time-consuming. To organize your small business, you need to get hold and control of your business social accounts else you may not get the best from them. 

Having a content calendar for your social media is essential but content strategizing planning could be a time-consuming task. BUT, remember how difficult it was to tie your shoes when you were younger. You are a master now! It’s the same thing as creating a calendar for your social media. YOU GOTTA START.

A social media calendar will help you save time, organized to avoid scramble, and allow you to track and test different strategies to see what’s working and what’s not – in turn, you can strategize if need be. In order to keep your business organized and making a content calendar for social media, you need to know what your goals are and get them down. 

These goals may be weekly or monthly – it’s a necessary thing to do when creating a content calendar for your social media.

Lastly, there are have been a lot of schedulers that can help you schedule your post on the social platform chosen. So you don’t have to do this manually every day.

3. Keep track of customer support

Customers are the reason for your business – they are the heart of your business.

Maintaining your relationship with customers is a way to retain them. Every piece of information and communication with clients’ should be documented for so many reasons.

There is some Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software you can use to automate some of these processes.

4. Go digital

The world has gone digital. Almost no one uses paper nowadays. Everyone is going paperless. Even when they do – they always have a digital backup for all paper documents.

With Camscanner app, It’s easy to have all your paper documents, receipts, bills in a digital format and save them in the cloud for quick retrieval. SO, even when you have lost any paper document, there is no cause for alarm.

The app can help you scan and convert the snapped picture into a pdf doc.

5. Organize your passwords in one place

How many passwords do you have?

Guess I have over 100 – I think!

I have lost count on the number of passwords I have because I don’t need to manage them by myself or store them in my head.

There is no doubt that you use many different platforms for your business (social media platforms, scheduling, eCommerce platforms, etc.). All of these platforms don’t use the same password RIGHT?

To organize your small business, you need to have a place/platform where all your passwords are safely stored.

If you need a place to organize all your passwords, you can try LastPass or 1password. Saving your passwords in your google account is also a great thing to do but may be risky – if someone can get access to your PC, they can easily navigate to your password log on your Google Chrome browser and have access to all your passwords.

6. Manage your time effectively

Lastly, to organize your small business, it is very important to cultivate the habit of managing time wisely.

Sometimes ago, I wished there were more than 24 hours in a day BUT later got to realize that all I need was an effective way to manage time.

Until you learn how to effectively manage time, no time will ever be enough. 

Read how to manage time as a business owner here.

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