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How to make $1000 from your blog every month

New blogger or not, passion driven or not. At some point, everyone wants to make money from their blog apparently how to monetize their blog.

That brings the question every new blogger want an answer to; how can I make $1000 from my blog in a month?.

Let’s talk about first things first.


In one of my previous post, i highlighted and explained 4 proven ways bloggers can make money from their blog. Read it here.

Okay, a quick recap here!

Basically, bloggers can make money from creating and selling their own stuffs (course or eBook). For new bloggers who don’t have their own course to sell, there’s an option of promoting/selling other people’s stuff. 

Disclaimer: This post contains  affiliate link(s), which means i may receive a commission when you make a purchase through any of the link.

Although, there are some other ways to make $1000 from your blog every month like Google Adsense, mediavine or, they cannot sometimes guarantee that you will make that much because you only earn some amount when someone clicks on the ads link.

So, promoting or selling stuffs is the answer to make $1000 from your blog every month. 

You’re probably thinking that you don’t know how to sell; when it comes to this, all you need to do is to write your post in a way that can benefit or entice your readers.


For any blogger who can create a valuable content for their audience. Creating and selling a course is no bad idea.

With course hosting platform like Teachable, you can set up everything for free and start selling right away.

How can you make $1000 from the course you have just creates?

Here’s the logic.

If your course sells for $100 – that means you need to find 10 clients to make $1000.

If it sells for $50 – you need to sell to 30 clients to make $1000

Having large audience can help hasten this but if your blog is just starting out, you can still make this – you just need an engaging audience to take part in this.

Also, you can take this Pinterest course to get more traffic.

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How to get your course in front of potential clients/buyers.

The best way so far is to write content around the course you have just created as your blog is your first marketing tool. In your content, be sure to talk about issues around the course, matters arising about it and how you can help your audience tackle these issues with your course.


Promoting/selling products or services from companies to earn commission from the sale.

Second to selling your course. 

It’s great for beginner bloggers because you don’t have to create a product – plus you don’t have to have a large audience to make money with affiliate marketing. 

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to find companies that pay good commission rate and good products also that your readers would love.

Also, affiliate marketing is not limited to companies alone; There are brands or even bloggers who want affiliate marketers for their course especially. This can be very profitable as many offer about 20-40% commission.

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In affiliate marketing, you are allowed to dabble into any/all niche of products. But you don’t have to do that else your audience might not take you seriously.

Here’s a simplified example:

A travel blogger might decide to join ShareASale affiliate network to promote travel products like luggage or important travel accessories.

The blogger writes an article about some particular travel product he wishes to promote. The article could be about the best luggage for a long travel or…

The Breakdown

Now, let’s say the affiliate commission is 30% and the product is sold for $100.

A reader finds the article, have interest in it – finds the affiliate link – click on it and make a purchase. You just earned some $30.

To make $1000 in a month. Let’s do the simple math; $1000/30 days amounts to $33.3

That means you need approximately 34 people to buy your product in a month. So, your daily target would be to make $33.3 every dat or $234 approx weekly.

This should be simple enough right? 

What you need is a good content/article on the product you are promoting and when your readers fall in love with it – you are good to go.


This post is just to simplify how you can make $1000 in a month. Even though there’s more, $1000 could be a good starting point for many new bloggers.

Like is said earlier, these are not the only ways to make money from your blog. There are other ways like running ads on your site, sponsored posts, etc.

For new bloggers, who is not getting enough traffic to their site, i recommend this Pinterest course that skyrocketed my blog traffic. Before I took the course, I had only 7k monthly viewers and within 7 days I took the course, I already had 38k monthly viewers.  

The course teaches all the essentials and secrets of optimizing your Pinterest account.

Additionally, Pinterest has proven to be the best platform to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie only if you know your way around it.

Let me know hour thoughts in the comment box. Don’t forget to share and pin.

How to make money from your blog

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  1. These are some great tips on how to make money from your blog! I’m starting to create my own products so I am really focusing on affiliate marketing right now. Thanks for the great info!

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