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How to blog with your smartphone

What can passion make you do? For me, a whole lot i would say.

Sometimes back, I didn’t know anything about blogging. In one way or the other, I got to know about it and so unfortunately for me. I didn’t have a computer because I couldn’t afford one. lol.

I wanted to start my own too. I’ve read about blogging and how to go about it . So, I knew I had to do something with my phone.

I must confess, having to write blog posts with your smartphone was a pain and it was time-consuming. Through trial and error, I was getting used to it until I got my laptop :).

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Today, I am going to share with everyone who might have found themselves in my shoes.

How to blog with your smartphone

1. Blog Post Research

I usually read a bunch of articles and check out reviews for more knowledge on the next blog post I was going to write about. Literally, it took me a few hours to make this research.

2. Editing Graphics

I use Canva for all my designs. Although it was time-consuming, it was manageable. With the Canva app, I could design my blog graphics, banner, and Pinterest graphics – plus any other design I needed.

I didn’t have to look any further to find stock photos as Canva had them too. 

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Designing blog banner with Canva template

If you don’t already have the Canva app, you can download it here. For Android | iOS.

Once download is done, login your account to get started. 

To start designing your blog banner. Locate or type blog banner in the search bar.

Blog banner design on canva - screenshot

There are hundreds to thousands of templates to choose from. At the same time, you can select a blank page and design it to your taste – I do this most times and I choose from Canva template and design it to my taste other times.

After designing, save to your phone or you can copy the link to use in your site. 

Designing a blog banner

Personally, I download the designed images to my smartphone gallery, save it on my Google drive so I can easily use the link. 

The same procedure is used when designing other images like Pinterest pin image.

To avoid images slowing down your website, it’s advisable to upload most of your images in your Google Drive or Dropbox, so you could link to the image.

3. Writing Post


This is probably the hardest part but the good thing is that it’s a straightforward forward process as though you are using your PC. A major problem I always had was having to type over a thousand words. Arghh!!

Sometimes, I have to put everything down on my Google Docs – so, I just copied from there and paste and do every necessary editing (linking, bold, and italic if necessary).

It was cool for me as I kept my audience updated. 🙂

4. Updating and Installing plugins

Just like you get notified on your PC dashboard on plugins that need to be updated, so also in this case. I simply just click and update them. 

Plugins can also be installed.

5. Approving and Replying comments

This didn’t take much as I always receive email alerting me of new comments. So, I just go straight to to my WordPress dashboard approve those that need to be approved and reply them. That simple.

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Other tasks you can do with your smartphone

Blogging activities to do with your smartphone

Using your smartphone to carry out some blogging activities could not necessarily be because you don’t have a PC or some case like that. 

There are times you probably can’t have access to your PC. Other reasons could be because of your kids (especially for stay at-home moms), some kids can be nightmares at times limiting you to your smartphone.

1. Read and reply emails

Whether an Android or an iPhone, everyone should have their email app in them. You get to respond to questions from your audience, check and read news, letter from your favorite sites.

Although it might take time going through your inbox, however, it’s better than keeping your audience out.

2. Check your analytics

With google analytics app, you can track your website traffic on the go. I use this to check which of my post is being read. 

It’s very important to monitor your analytics – you get to know what your audience are responding to. With the google analytics app, you can access everything your PC can access also.

3. Read & Comment in Social media platforms

Particularly, Facebook groups is one of my preferred place to connect with other fellow bloggers and business owners to share ideas. There are so many advantages of joining Facebook groups, there you have opportunity to write guest post for fellow bloggers and also find business tips.

4. Take courses

I don’t know for you, but I feel more comfortable reading from my smartphone. I love to learn new things, so I take courses a lot – both free and paid. Within my first few months of blogging, I already went through about 4 eBook:

Self-care toolkit

The ultimate boggers guide

Are you struggling with Pinterest to generate traffic to your blog? Here’s the course that can help you skyrocket your traffic and guarantee 100k+ monthly. 

5. Comment on other blogs

Do not post spam comments like ‘Great job’ or ‘Nice post’. Most authors would thrash those kind of comments. Your comment is the first impression of what your blog would look like. Writing a thoughtful comment could make them want to visit your blog. 

Take time to write meaningful comments on blogs of the same niche as you. You could catch their attention this way and start a friendship. Who knows?

6. Schedule post for social media

This can save you a lot of time. I use Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest and Instagram post and Buffer for Twitter.

Finally, here’s how to blog with your smartphone; there’s no excuse now. If you don’t have a PC or you don’t have access to it – there is your smartphone. 

Get to work now!

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