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How to become a successful entrepreneur

Today, everyone can start a business but not everyone can build a successful business, everyone can become an entrepreneur but not everyone can become a successful entrepreneur.

While the entrepreneur world is receiving a bunch of new members every day, not all of these people can become a successful entrepreneur. However, if you believe in smart work and not magic – you can achieve your goals.

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Find Yourself

You don’t want to venture into a business simply because others are making it there. Without the skills and knowledge you need to run a particular business you are certainly on the verge of failing.

If you are serious about building a successful empire for yourself, you need to access your strength and know your weakness.

Believe in Yourself

Know this “There is no limit to what you can achieve. Those you call successful entrepreneurs today had in one stage of their life faced difficulties but something inside of them didn’t let them quit.

Set goals that motivate you, if your goals don’t motivate you – then you need to set new ones. Never doubt your ability to succeed.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t just take decisions without prior knowledge of what they would encounter. If you are serious about building a successful business, you need to have a planned process of all you need to do to achieve success.

Don’t start without a plan

We are no longer in the era of ‘All I need to do is to start, everything will fall in place later!’ This acclamation was useful some decades ago but not anymore. Successful entrepreneurs know that planning is everything when it comes to business.

The business plan is like a roadmap, it gives you a sense of direction. It lets you know how you are spending unnecessarily and it helps you to remain in your set limits.

In essence, successful entrepreneurs have a guide that helps them make calculated decisions

Start Now

Ideas are not just what you need to become a successful entrepreneur. What is an idea if they are not converted to actions? If you know what you want, GO FOR IT.

Don’t be dormant, Explore

One habit of successful entrepreneurs is to accept change. These people accept new opportunities and follow trends. They know this is the only way to keep their business alive and satisfy their clients.

There is no way you can build a successful business if you offer exact same product or service for so long time. The world is digital and there are lots and lots of inventions and innovations every now and then.

The market is evolving and so are the people; if as an entrepreneur, you don’t adapt or evolve with these changes, there is no way you can ever build a successful business.

Build and nurture relationships

To become a successful entrepreneur, it is very important to build relationships with peers and fellow entrepreneurs for collaborations.

 I once read an article on ‘Why you should not become an entrepreneur’ and the author’s main point was that being an entrepreneur means loneliness – I believed that without any doubt and this is exceptionally true if you own an online business because everything makes sense to you alone at the start.

From personal experience as an entrepreneur, I can say that it’s not easy to build a business on your own without having relationships and acquaintances. The earlier you realize this, the better for you and your business.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. Ask for advice from your entrepreneur mentors and peers – maybe they can recommend any tip(s) they may have developed from past experience.

There are tons of gurus out there in your niche you can connect with, these people can become your mentor and also give you business advice.

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Build a Team

As the saying goes, ‘No one is an island’. It’s not possible to have all the skills to do everything in your business venture. In other words, focus on where your skills can provide the best results for your business.

Where your skills can’t go; have a budget for it. If your budget is slim, you can hire a freelancer to get your job done.

Avoid overworking yourself else you and your business might not just last long.

Successful entrepreneurs know and acknowledge what they are not good at and acknowledge their weakness

Have a Leader’s mindset

Being an entrepreneur, you need to know the difference between an employee’s mindset and a leader’s mindset.

An employee’s mindset would say “Tell me exactly what you want me to do and I will get it done” If things don’t work out, their reply would be “I did exactly what you told me to do”

They accept responsibilities for the work’s failure they could have done perfectly. This mindset can never make one a successful entrepreneur instead you will always run into more and more serious problems.

If you aim at becoming a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a leader’s mindset. A leader’s mindset would say “After I analyze the desired end result, I will plan my activities around the priorities necessary for achieving them.

If things don’t work out, they would say “I selected the wrong priority” and he re-strategize.

Your greatest desire should be to accomplish your visions.

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Use a planner if you have to

With everything that entrepreneurship demands, it’s a fact that you will always run short of time occasionally. But by developing a solid management plan and sticking to it, you will find it much easier to fit your business in those 24 little hours.

Using a planner with daily list can be of great help.

According to your time plan (daily, weekly, or monthly), schedule everything that you must do. Stick to this schedule and it will uncover where your real priorities are.

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  1. Great tips! The way we think affects our feeling in so many ways. Believing in yourself and having a leader’s mindset is crucial for success! I’m also one who likes to keep somewhat of a schedule/planner like you mention to help keep me on track. I’ve never been able to keep a tangible planner because I never write in it, and the other half of Mini Riches isn’t able to see it. We instead use several shared Google Calendars to help keep us both on track!

  2. Hi Omofoma,

    As you said, planning is very important for business success. In fact, I try to plan everything before doing anything. Even, I have plans for writing and promoting my posts. I talk about this most of the time in my blog.
    However, thanks for this niche tips.


  3. this is a highly valuable post every beginner entrepreneur must read.
    so many quality tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur.
    thanks for sharing this awesome post.

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