How affiliate marketing works -

How affiliate marketing works

Although there are several ways to make money with your blog. Nevertheless, one of the most profitable ways is Affiliate marketing. 

While some don’t have full knowledge on how affiliate marketing works others are making 4-5 figures every month.

Affiliate marketing is a cool way to make passive income with your blog; I call it passive because you literally don’t have to do much work as the hard work has already been settled for you. All you need to do is get the product in front of potential customers, compel them to buy (with convincing reasons) and make some cash (day/night).

This post is targeted to let you know how affiliate marketing works.

First things first.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in simple words is a form of marketing by which an affiliate sells/promotes a product or service from companies/brands to earn a commission from sales made. But without doubt, it is one of the best and probably the simplest ways to make money with your blog if you know your way around it. Notwithstanding, commission rates differ from one affiliate program to the other.

How does Affiliate marketing works?

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An affiliate link is a unique link given to an affiliate marketer used by the affiliate network to track sales.

Every affiliate platform gives different affiliate links for the same product. You earn a commission when a customer makes a purchase through the link.

The process works as follows:

° A blogger or publisher finds a product that could be beneficial to its audience.

° He writes a compelling content on the product (or review) to persuade its audience.

° A reader finds the link and is interested in the product – Decides to click and are taken to a third party landing page to make a purchase.

° The publisher earns a commission based on the worth of the product.

Remember to always disclose your affiliate links in each post commonly by placing a disclaimer at the top of each blog post.

Considerations before choosing an Affiliate platform

For optimum success in affiliate marketing, choosing the right and credible program is the first step. As a  beginner, you don’t want to join too many programs.

In choosing an Affiliate program, consider:

  • Their commission rate
  • Make sure the program is 100% to join
  • Check their payment method
  • Check cookie duration – when a link is clicked, a cookie is placed on their browser meaning that if they don’t buy it right away, you can still get a commission in a 60 days duration.

Don’t get carried away by product price, you should be more interested in commission. 

For example:

If product A sells for $200 with 2% commission and product B sells for $55 with 7% commission. 

Commission for product A would be $3 and commission for B would be $3.85.

How Affiliate marketing works: How to become a successful Affiliate marketer

1. Understand your audience

Although affiliate marketing is open to every niche, your primary goal would be to make life easier for your audience – solving their problems and questions.

Understanding your audience is very important because this is where you know the kind of audience you are dealing with and know the kind of product(s) to provide for them.

For example: If you are a travel blogger, your focus should be more on promoting travel products (luggage etc.) because anyone visiting a travel blog loves to travel or probably have intentions to travel. So, promoting products beneficial to them is a great way to start.

2. Kind of content to write

Content is another important factor in affiliate marketing. Make sure to write compelling content around the product you are promoting. Write a honest review and elaborate why you need the product and how it will help them in some particular task/work.

3. Recommend product you have personal experience with

Products you have personal experience with can make you a better  competitor than someone who read a manual. In this case, you would have a better explanation/review for the product specifications.

For example: If you are a gardener, it would be easier for you to promote garden tools and anything related. Your personal experience using these tools will guarantee a better content and you would be able to compel your audience and lethem know the appropriate one to purchase.

4. Concentrate on a Niche

Don’t use the shotgun approach. This is a common mistake that most bloggers who promote affiliate products make. Focusing on a niche is one factor that determines and guarantees you become a successful affiliate marketer.

In the beginning, it’s very easy to get carried away by promoting different products. This can complicate things for you and your site will be of less value. Focusing on a niche gives you a chance of progress as you would gain more knowledge on the niche you promote.

5.  Don’t be extravagant using links/banners

It is never a good idea to circulate your affiliate links/banner throughout your post. For me, when I see these kinds of posts, I don’t read them because I feel the author cares more about making money than educating it’s audience.

Use your links/banners sparsely throughout your content. At the beginning, middle and end.

6. Promote your Affiliate post

Promoting your affiliate post/link is all about finding ways to drive quality traffic to your site. This is the marketing strategy your affiliate posts needs. 

Specifically, I love to talk about Pinterest because that is where  70% of my blog traffic comes from.

When it comes to promoting affiliate posts/links on Pinterest, you don’t just post randomly like you probably do to other pins. 

You need a strategy.

Whether you have a blog or not, with Pinterest alone, you can make successful affiliate sales that’s why I recommend this course: An all-in-one Pinterest solution.

The course covers all  Pinterest hacks to build a great Pinterest account and also a guarantee over 250% traffic.

Social media is also a great platform to promote your blog post. There are loads of Facebook groups to join to promote your stuff.


There are so many Affiliate networks and programs that can help you monetize your blog. I believe you now know what and how affiliate marketing works. Follow these steps and the sky will be your starting point. 

If you want to set up your blog from scratch, you can read this post, check this for the perfect blog niche when you don’t know what to blog about and finally I also have a post on how to monetize your blog.

These posts can guarantee you a successful money making blog.

Good luck.

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