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Top 9 Holiday Business Ideas you should consider

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start a home business for the holiday season. The business window for the holiday season is open and this is the time to make some extra money. If you have a skill, this is the perfect time to make it work for you.

Everyone is busy making travel plans, outsourcing a befitting recipe, and also making plans for holiday decorations. While the Christmas season brings joy, there’s also a lot of stress that comes with it. In the midst of this stress – there are so many that are willing to pay for it to get relieved while others get paid.

In this post, am not only giving you Christmas holiday business ideas but also how you can find some DIY crafts to try.

Create Holiday Cards

If you are good at designing, this is absolutely worth trying. You can create general holiday cards and put them up for sale on Etsy. There are two ways to this: First, you can design a digital holiday greeting card (your customers can only download it and do the printing themselves). Secondly, have a physical product.

The first is beneficial if you are in a location that you might be having difficulty in shipping the physical product and it’s less expensive than the having the physical product.

Besides selling on Etsy, another option is to create holiday cards for clients – this usually require you to add their picture and some brief write ups.

Don’t have any designing skill? Read this post.

Holiday Photography

Have you ever had to wait in a long queue for a 10-15 minutes appointment just to take pictures?

If you have you would know the stress these people go through. Another sad thing is that, you will have to wait for long to take the same shots everybody else takes – you barely have choices.

These pictures are usually sent to family, relatives, and friends (near and far) every holiday season. They are added to photo albums or hung on the wall and they are generally handed down the family.

If you own a nice DSLR camera, this could be a great holiday business ideas for you. You can get it here. And finally, you also need to set up a mini studio in your apartment to get started. Search all you need here.

Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t receive a gift basket every Christmas holiday? How fancy and beautiful they could be. 🙂

There are two ways to go about this business; You can make them and sell them out or you can sell them with gifts inside.

Additionally, you can buy in bulk at a low price and sell them individually to make some profit. You can sell them in marketplaces like Etsy, Facebook marketplace and some local vendors/supermarkets.

Gift wrapping and Delivery

Everyone can probably do this you are thinking, right?

No! Not everyone can and those who can’t or are too busy to wrap presents will gladly pay someone to do it for them. Delivery can be personal or local/non-local shipping.

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12 Business Ideas for Stat at Home Moms


Unfortunately, this comes with some professionalism and experience. If this is you, you can make money this holiday season. These decorations include; Christmas tree setup, Decorations with Garlands, General yard decorations and more.

This service can be offered twice in the Christmas season; first, if your clients need you to make decorations for them and secondly, if they need you to undo the decorations so they can store them for next year.

House Cleaning

Expecting visitors or not, everyone wants their house to look neat, tidied, and possibly different because family and friends are coming around for a holiday visit.

At the same time, these people can either do it by themselves or are busy with work or other stuff.

Home cleaning service is yet another holiday business ideas you can do. Depending on the nature of the cleaning, you can hire some more persons or DIY. All you need to do is reach out to residential homes, there might just be an opportunity for you.

Run Errands

You can offer this service to people who doesn’t want to have a stressful holiday season. The services you can offer include; Shopping, Delivery, wrapping gifts etc.

Write Notes and Messages

This is for you if you are are good at creating content/messages. These notes doesn’t have to be long; some might just be 30 words or lesser. These notes/messages can be family quote, friendship or about love.

They can be sold on the Etsy marketplace as a digital/physical product. If you can frame it to make it a physical product – more money for you else just do a mockup of the message and put it up for sale in marketplaces.

If you have issues or need help to create a mockup for your notes or messages. Feel free to send me a mail. Would be happy to help for a token. 🙂

Baby Sitting

Do you love babies? Yes? This is for you.

So many moms in the holiday season are either trying to get one or two things done or busy with another. Thus they look for nannies who can take care of their babies while they run around for what they need to get done.

If you are a mom, you already have an idea of what this is about and how to handle and care for children.

Finally, There are many business opportunities in the holiday season. Reach out to people around you – approach them, they may need your service.

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  1. Some real good ideas here for side hustles! I started my blog lest year as a side hustle around this time for a little side income (and because I wanted something to do while I was up for late night baby feedings).

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