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Best Blog Niche: 8 Most Profitable Blog Niches To Make Money 2020

Starting a blog is really easy nowadays. Creating a plan for your blog is always the first thing to consider, Picking a niche of your passion, and making a couple of posts before signing up for a hosting platform is always advisable.

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But come to think of it, most people nowadays start a blog to make money. There should be nothing wrong with that anyway; I started mine too with this goal in mind also.

If you want to start a blog, you will need to know the blog niche that makes the most money.

In the world of blogging, there is a lot of stuff to write about. Although you can write about anything – it’s always best to be known for one or two things than many. This is not just for your reader’s sake but it is a good SEO practice.

What Is A Niche?

In the world of blogging, “Niche” is a very popular word. What does it mean?

Niche is simply a specific topic you write about. There are a lot of things to write about, you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of writing about everything. That is why Niche is important.

Why Focus on a Niche?

How about your site comes to mind when a topic you blog about becomes a question?

Yeah, that’s the advantage of focusing on a niche. For example, when I think of SEO, I think of SEMrush, and i think of ahref.

It’s 100% possible to make money in many niches but the truth remains that not every niche can be profitable.

Why do you think that is? it’s simply because Not every niche attract readers or audience probably because you might not get products related to the niche to sell and make money moreover your blog might not make that traffic you would like.

Personally, for me, I always tell people to choose a niche they’re really passionate about. Then come to think of it, what if what you’re passionate about (niche) doesn’t really get an audience?

The niche you choose plays an important part in money-making. This article will then give you an idea of the topics that you can choose to quit your full-time job.


There is so much to write about in the food niche. You can make this your home if you a are food lover or you are passionate about cooking.

Sub Categories:

  • Vegan and Vegetarian Recipe – You can write about different types of Vegan and Vegetarian Recipe
  • Diabetic patient recipes
  • Baking – You can write about baking generally or pick a particular aspect of it like Cake and decorations, doughs etc.
  • Healthy Foods

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This century is full of people who suck at money matters, budgeting, retirement planning, and investment. You could think of the number of people that might fall into this category. This niche covers aspects of Retirement planning, insurance, budgeting, investment, and mortgage.

Sub Categories:

  • Investment Investment tips, deposits and more
  • Frugal living – Coupons, Tips to save money and more


Parenting is one of niche that has a crazy amount of topics. The first blog post on parenting could be a bit difficult at times because there is a lot of things to write about.

Lots of things to write about? Yeah, a whole lot. It covers all aspects of the household from mom’s pregnancy, the child’s growing up and schooling and so many other you could think of. This niche has a lot of audiences because parents are always on the search for tips and guidance for their kids (Health, Growth, Food, Education, and more).


This niche is all about growth both physical and mental. If you are passionate about personal development if you have a passion for growing and helping others grow.

Read this post for more tips on this niche


This niche has much diverse sub-focus. If you choose this you definitely will have many things to write about. It covers aspects of style, inspiration, self-confidence, home & garden, decoration and pets.

Imagine combining all these aspects – you know you have a whole lot to write about already. Combining about 2-3 or even more (as much as you can handle) also helps you generate income. Most bloggers in this niche never run out of topics because they just a lot to write about.


Blogging is very competitive and at the same time, the niche has made many millionaires in a year. I hope I become one of them soon. Almost every blogger has read posts written by people in this niche.
This niche teaches the audience everything they need to know about blogging including the pros and cons (Definitely not in one post) else there will be nothing else to write or talk about. Lol.

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For new bloggers who are struggling to earn, these blogs are great source of inspiration for them.


Health and Fitness have a vast topics to write about.

Are you a fitness trainer and you want to start your own blog? This is your home.

Not less than 10% of Americans might have googled tips on how to gain weight, lose weight, or body fitness in general. If you choose this niche, do well to tell your audience and give them tips or as far as pictorial examples of how someone has lost or gained some pounds. Do well to give your audience tips about safety at the gym
Do well to give them tips on a daily diet to maintain their fitness.

Lastly, Health and Fitness niche is a very competitive one, so to gain an advantage over your competitors; you can decide to focus on a sub category like:

  • A Diet – E.g. Organic foods or Keto diet
  • Yoga
  • Healthy living
  • Training and Exercises – Make tutorials and running exercises to stay fit


Although a bunch of audiences has moved to Instagram and YouTube (because they are much more visual) this niche is still in vogue and can get you tons of traffic. This aspect focuses on giving audiences the latest fashion trends, styles in vogue, makeup trends, and the likes.

Monetizing this blog rely on sponsored fashion posts, online store and display ads.

most profitable blog niches to make money

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