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40+ Best Free Resources To Grow Your Business

Ever had to worry about managing your business without breaking the bank?

Viola, you’re in the right place!

As a new business owner, building your business can make you run out of money especially having people recommend a bunch of stuff that you don’t ever need. No matter how small or big, starting your own business can be very expensive if you are uninformed or misinformed

This can crash your business before it even take off.

Fortunately for you, I have dug out 40+ free resources for business growth and success with little budget.

You wouldn’t want to underestimate these free tools, platforms, and resources to grow your business. Even though some of them have a higher premium version, you might have no need for them when you are just starting out.

Free resources for business

1. Business templates

Writing a business plan could be overwhelming at times. No one would want anything lesser than 100% in the planning process. A business template could ease this process guiding you through the plan, proposal, start-up checklist, and every other thing pertaining to the business.

Here are some great resources:

SCORE – Business planning, finance, marketing and management templates.

Bplans – Business plans, proposal and more

Ryan-Robinson – Free freelance proposal template

2. Marketing platforms and tools

Every business should possibly be using one or two free marketing platforms to develop and promote it’s product/service and still remain within budget. That aside, using these platforms means saving time for other tasks and also maintaining sanity.

Marketing platforms

With over a hundred ways to showcase your business, not all will work for your business for sure. However, try as many as possible and settle for what works best for you.

Here is a list of valuable platforms and tools:

Facebook – Free social media marketing platform (pages, groups)

Instagram – Free photo sharing platform.

Ever wondered how you could promote your business on Instagram? Check this!

Pinterest – Visual marketing platform (I adopt this as a search engine)

Twitter – Free social media marketing platform

LinkedIn – Professional social networking website.

MailChimp – Free email marketing. Allows up to 2000 contacts for free.

Send in blue – Free email marketing platform with unlimited email contacts and let’s you send up to 300 emails daily.

Survey Monkey – Free survey platform that allows you gather feedback and analyze your survey results.

Tailwind – Scheduler for Instagram and Pinterest

Mix – Social media bookmarking website.

Craigslist – Free online advertising platform.

Clearstream – Free SMS marketing (25 free SMS monthly). – Helps navigate Instagram followers to your site or blog. It allows you to create a URL to include in your bio. When clicked, it brings a list to where ever you want.

3. Website

The best thing you can do for your business in this century is to have a website. It helps gain leads and audience which could be converted to paying clients. If you can afford to build one for your business, don’t think twice about it. With $2.95 a month, you can own a WordPress website. However, if you can’t afford one at the moment, there are free options to try out.




4. Finance tools

These professional tools saves you the stress of budgeting, accounting, invoicing and bookkeeping.




5. Project and content management

How do you deal with multiple clients and projects? A satisfied client will always come back some other time. These project and content management systems will keep you organized and also stay on top of the game.

Wrike – Task and project management platform.

Asana – Visual project management platform.

Airtable – Spreadsheet and data table management tool.

Trello – Collaboration and management tool

6. Administrative toolsa

Google Docs – Word d processing, spreadsheet, slides and more

Open office – Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and more.

Cute PDF – PDF conversion tool

Teachable – Online course platform.

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7. Design and stock images

As a business owner or entrepreneur, there are always many roles to play, one of which is designing your stuffs. Even if you can afford to pay a graphic designer for every bit of design, you can also try playing around some for 100% satisfaction.

Design and free stock images

Take a look at these free tools as they are easy to use and no graphics experience is needed.

Canva – The most easiest design tool I know. It has hundreds an hundreds of free stock photos and templates (for Facebook post, Instagram story, Pinterest pin among many more). You can never go wrong using this tool.

Wix logo maker – Free logo maker.

Burst – Free stock photos.

Pexel – Free stock photos.

Pixabay – 500,000+ free images and videos.

OpenShot – Free video editing tool.

FontsSquirrel – Free commercial fonts

Screenspresso – Edit, add texts, blur words or add graphics to a screenshot with this tool. It also let’s you record your screen.

8. Productivity tools

Google calendar – Online calendar.

ClickBookFree online appointment scheduling.

RescueTime – Time tracker.

To-do-list – Task manager.

Google forms – Online form


9. Storage tools

Google DriveFree cloud storage up to 15gGB

DropboxStorage up to 2GB

OneDrive – Storage up to 5GB

These free resources for business can help you go a long way until you can get the premium packs.

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Free resources for small business

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  1. I really needed this list as I have just started my blog site. Wil definately be coming back to this blog to help better my website and content.

  2. Thanks for compiling this list of free tools for small businesses and content creators! I’ve used many of these myself and continue to do so because why pay for something if you can use it for free, right?

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