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9 digital products to create and sell

If you are an online business owner or you are a blogger, you are here probably to get ideas on digital products to create and sell.

Digital products cost almost nothing to create and are very profitable – while some are very easy to create without much stress, some others could just take a bit of your time and very little money.

The digital world is so broad that there are lots of opportunities to explore. Most of it depending on your skill and perhaps what you can learn. You can create a digital product.

In this post, I will share with you; 9 digital products to create and sell with ease. But before then, let me give you a sense of digital product.

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate link(s). Which means I may receive a small commission when you make a purchase through any of the link(s). Thanks.

What are digital products?

Digital products are products that are made and sold online moreover they are only accessible by electronic devices like PC, phones. These products are not physical unless printed.

Why should you create a digital product?

Digital products are great option to make money online these days. They can be created and sold on tons of various websites including Amazon kindle, Teachable, Gumroad, SendOwl and many others like your own website.

Aside from the money making aspect of digital products, they can help grow your e-mail list when you offer them as a freebie. This is one way so many bloggers and online marketers make money from their websites.

  1. Digital product is a means to make passive income – I personally love this; passive income does not have boundaries, you can make money even while asleep. This means you can literally make some cash from your digital product when you are not working cos it continues to sell.
  2. Your product is made just once – Unless for subsequent updates, digital products are made once and it continues to sell in a lifetime.
  3. There is no need for shipping and inventory
  4. Comfort and freedom – You have all the time and freedom to do what you love while your product is selling. Plus you can work on creating one from your comfort.

9 digital products to create and sell

9 digital products to create and sell


Templates make life easier for so many people – bloggers, business owner, marketers, name it. They are great digital products to create and sell.

Having to create stuffs like legal agreement, home safety plan, pinterest pins and more. You can come up with something that your audience would benefit from, saving their time and make their life easier.

Templates can be a real pain-reliever. You wouldn’t have to start to think your head out on how to go about designing, writing or creating a something from scratch.

Do you suck at designing Pinterest pins or you are too busy to design them yourself? Here is a 100 Feminine Pin Template for you. This is super cool! You would love them.


Presets are filters create by people that gives pictures a certain look. You can create Preset by editing your photo in a certain way, save the edit and put it up for sale. Making preset is not only met for photographers, anybody can make them if you know your way around Illustrator, Photoshop and any other photo editing app.

  1. EBooks

This is my favorite digital product to create and sell. It’s one of the best selling digital products online. While some believe that an eBook should be over a hundred pages, others don’t.

I use to think that’s an eBook should be nothing less than a hundred pages. Now I know that the length of an EBook doesn’t matter so long it covers all necessary information. In fact, many self publishing eBooks selling online are only about 20-60 pages.

If you have a business (online or offline) that has attained success for a couple of years – This could be an option for you. In your eBook, you can write about how your business have attained that much success , what your audience should focus on if they are going to try out same business, and other necessary stuffs to make it easy for them.

Creating an eBook is super easy; there are couple of apps that can help you out creating one like Designrr, Canva and many more.

Here is a sample I created with Canva within 2 days.


If you need to start a profitable dropshipping business, this eBook is a complete guide that will take you through how the business works and all you need to know. Get it here

NOTE: “HOW TO” guide are always the best sellers.


This is very common and popular for bloggers.

Similar to eBook – difference is that an eBook is intended to enlighten the reader while an e-course is a learning process. The author has probably been in your position before and in one way or the other, they are no more there.

These kinds of people write the best courses and everything therein is informative and what you can practically do. Guess that’s why many bloggers prefer to publish an e-course instead of an eBook.

Teachable can save you some stress putting your course together. Online courses are great idea for many because they are within reach and convenient for schedule.

If you need help with your Pinterest strategy to boost your monthly views and click through rate, sign up for this course. It’s excellently informative. Trust me.

You can make and sell any course as long as it provides value to your audience. Video course especially provide means for most people to digest the information you are conveying.


A workflow is a path that describes how tasks/activities are done. An outline of process you have undergone to solve challenges for a niche audience. Not everyone likes to stress themselves to start certain tasks themselves.

These people can pay some amount to go through shortcut. This amount certainly depends on the kind of tasks.

Are there really business ideas you can start with no money? Heck yea!

I’ve got 16 of them right here! Check them out.

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Bloggers, business owners, social media managers are always browsing for great, fancy, beautiful and neat photos to use their post, Pinterest graphic and more.

Although there are many options and places to get free stock photos like Canva, Pixabay, etc.

Creating stock photos is not as difficult as you may imagine. You need this Canon DSLR camera and maybe a studio where you can sample your flat lay (a mini studio should be ok since you are not a full time photographer).

Depending on the niche, you may need to do some adventures especially if you choose travel niche.

How to sell your photos

It’s a great idea to focus on a/some particular niche. A travel blogger should be specific in taking pictures related to the niche. Selling your photos can be in bundle or individually or can even be subscription based.

These photos can be sold on a couple of websites like your website, Etsy, Creative market and many more.

Need free stock photos for your website/blog? Check these 17 websites to get them for free


Printables could be: Planners, workbook, art prints, calendars, shopping list, income expenditure, year planner, and more.

Printable are products created that can be printed when needed. Editing apps like illustrator, Photoshop or simply Canva can be of great help when you want to create one. 


Many business owners and entrepreneurs are always busy and don’t have time to get contents to their clients, so they need swipe files.

Swipe files are templates usually in PDF format that contain an effective formula like sales page copy or email copy. These formulas are habitually tested, viable and proven. This is very popular for email marketers and copywriters.


If you are someone who likes to do planning and take things step by step, this is your match.

A workbook usually contains a step by step fill-in blank that helps achieve a desired self outcome. A workbook doesn’t necessarily need you to fill so many pages while creating one.

For example, this self-care tool kit is a workbook that comprises how to create effective self care practice. It takes you through 8 dimensions of wellness (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual etc.)

Also, this Ultimate Bloggers bundle is a great workbook choice for bloggers and content creators. In this workbook, you can jot your ideas, what you are working on, your goal space, things to remember and more.

These are digital products you can create and sell with ease. Plus I must let you know that when done right they can yield high profit. You can sell them as often as you want and as much as you want.

profitable digital products to create and sell to make passive income

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  1. Great Product Ideas! I love the online courses one personally. I haven’t thought of a workflow before, I’ll look more into that for sure!

  2. Super helpful! These are some great product ideas! I hadn’t heard of workflows or swipe files before, I’ll have to look into those!

  3. These are really great product ideas! I have been creating printables for a few months now and am currently working on another ebook. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great list. I just published my first digital online course on Udemy and it’s getting some great feedback. Marketing is one piece of the equation that I underestimated but I’m working on that now.

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