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22 Places to promote your blog post

What happens next after you hit the publish button? Do you just relax and wait for the magic to happen?

One common mistake that bloggers make is to continuously pump out contents without thinking how to promote them.

Maybe it used to be like this before now but these days as competition has grown, writing has become the easy part.

You need to promote your blog post  afterwards so it can get seen by people. In fact, you should be spending 20% of your time creating content and 80% promoting it.

Waiting for SEO to do the magic so you can jump into Google’s first page could just be a waste of time especially when you are a new blogger. So, while working on your SEO skills there are other places you can actually promote your blog post.

In this post, I will take you through 25 places to promote your blog post.

22 Places to Promote your blog post

1. Pinterest

Don’t be surprised that i first mentioned Pinterest here. It’s always my number 1 recommendation to gain traffic to your blog.

If you are not on Pinterest yet, you’re really missing out.

However, without the right strategy, this might just be mere exaggerations. That’s why I recommend this Pinterest course and this 100 Feminine Pinterest template to get started.

2. Group boards on Pinterest

Aside from pinning on Pinterest itself. Group board is a great option to get your Pin out to a mix of other peoples pins

3. TailWind Tribes

Once your interest is all set up and you have designed a couple of images to pin. Join Tailwind Tribes that are related to your niche.

Tribes are a super cool feature that Tailwind has.

Tribes is one of my best features that I love when it comes to Tailwind. Tribes are groups of pinners , each member adds a pin of their own and it gets shared by another member – You do the same also.

Each of these tribe have their own rules and regulations. Some would require you to post 1 pin and share 2 while some do it in 1:1 ratio.

Signup for Tailwind account here to get access to hundreds of Tribes to help share your content.

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4. Instagram

Instagram doesn’t allow links in post feeds, you can only have one link in your bio. There are two options to use this link;

First, is to create a landing page particularly for your Instagram and Second option is to use – lets you send your audience to a couple of landing pages.

5. Leverage social sharing plugin

Several times I have been attracted to read a post on some websites/blogs which I eventually find helpful. It’s time to share and I can’t find any share button.

Seriously? I mean nobody should be doing this right now.

If i had seen those sharing buttons on the site, I would have shared those posts. Social sharing plugins are just important.

6. Roundup post

A roundup post can be in the form of an interview, gift guide. You simply have to create a list of ideas, products, blog posts or answers on a particular topic.

Roundup can help you build connection with other bloggers and give your traffic a boost. Make sure you email those bloggers involved when the post is live and suggest they share if they like.

7. Install ‘Pin It’ button

The little ‘Save’ or ‘Pin it’ that you see when your mouse hover images is the job of ‘Pin It’ button. With this button there’s no need to select the image option when you want to share an image on Pinterest.

8. Pinterest Profile Plugin

Similar to Pin It button, Pinterest Profile plugin is a sidebar widget that shows your latest pins making it easier for your audience to find and follow your Pinterest account.

9. Digital course

Did you know you can promote your blog post on your course?

OK! Now you know. You simply provide any link(s) related to the current reading so they can find out more. Plus you can add some general links related to the course.

10. Offer a freebie on social media

Offer a freebie on social media that can attract someone to click your link.

11. Guest post on other blogs

Writing a post for another blog in the same niche. When you write for another blog, you get a genuine backlink. This can increase your domain authority (DA).

12. Link to older posts

Apart from being a good SEO practice. It’s an easy way to promote your blog post and make your readers stay longer on your site.

13. Comment on other blog

This cannot only increase your visibility but can also help promote your post and increase your DA. 

Make sure your comments are thoughtful ones and not spam. Most bloggers don’t approve comments like ‘Nice post’, ‘Great ideas’ or 2-3 word comments, they prefer to spam them.

14. Your Facebook business page

If you have a business page on Facebook and you have a handsome number of followers, you should consider sharing your posts to this audience.

If you can spare some amount, consider boosting tha post.

15. LinkedIn Groups

With over 100 million active users, the p;atform is mostly used by professionals in search for job opportunities or business.

The platform is exceptionally useful if you are in the business niche. Once you find relevant groups, ask to join them and once approved, start exploring!

You can find me here!

16. Quora

Find a question that any of your blog posts can give an expert answer to. Ask the question and add a link in your answer.

When you see some other people’s questions that any of your blog posts can give a befitting answer to, make sure you share the link.

17. GrowthHackers

GrowthHackers is another great place where you can promote your blog post to a large number of audience. It is especially useful for SEO, blogging, marketing and social media niche.

All you have to do is to submit your link, add a short description and tags. Once approved, anyone can see and read it. This platform also gives you ideas on how to grow your business.

18. Viral content bee

Viral content bee is a free and awesome place to get more and more social shares. Although you have to gain points to share/promote your blog post, you can gain these points by sharing other people’s posts and vice-versa.

It benefits both parties. Adding #hashtags is another advantage to increase your reach.

19. Medium

Medium is a content curation site with over 6 million users. The social sharing platform can help your content reach a new audience.

20. Blogging groups on Facebook

Interactive groups among bloggers who reach out to each other when needed. These groups have promotional threads that lets you promote your post. Some of them are:

Becoming a Blogger


Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Blogging for new bloggers

21. Other Facebook groups

There are hundreds many more Facebook groups related to what you offer. Although they might not have promotional threads but when you see posts that you think yours can help, share with them. Occasionally, you can also write a short post and link to your blog.

22. Twitter

There are also Twitter accounts that bloggers can support each other. 

Blogging babes RT

The Clique – Bloggers RT

Influencer RT

Bloggers Hut

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  1. This is a great list of places to promote your blog posts! I use a lot of these methods myself. Facebook Groups have been incredibly helpful in getting my blog posts seen and shared. GrowthHackers is one I haven’t heard of before though, so I’ll have to give that one a try. Thanks for sharing!

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