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17 free high quality stock photo websites

One important thing you’d want for your website/blog is for it to look professional. It inspires confidence and makes your audience/readers trust and have confidence in your brand.

Do you ever see some photos on Pinterest or other creative websites and you become envious of them?

Well, I do!

Especially images i see on Pinterest. Where does these images comes from? Could they also be free?

For me, i specifically get most of my images from Canva for free and sometimes from Pixabay. Believe me there are still many who are not aware of these free stock photo websites and they get stuck when they need to use one.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate link(s), which means I remove a small commission when you make a purchase through the link at no cost to you.

What are Stock Photos?

Stock photos are photographs/pictures that are to be used with royalty. They are sometimes sold and can be reused for commercial purpose. This means these stock photo images are legal to use on your website/blog or anywhere.

While some photographers decide to sell them to sites, some post them for free use. Bloggers usually get into copyright issues because of the pictures they use in their blog.

As a blogger, what you would want for your post is a boost in traffic. Talking about traffic on Pinterest, your image is one criteria to rank high. Guess you wouldn’t want to use an unprofessional image right?

Before we get started, i have an amazing list of 40+ free resources for business owners. You might want to check them out.

So, here we go – Here are the amazing free stock photo websites.

17 free stock photo websites

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Pexels have photos for every niche including the famous girly category. Their beautiful images are free and easy to explore.


Canva let’s you design images for all niche and categories for free. It is actually what i use for all my designs – they have thousands of images to use for free.


With free access to thousands – millions of free stock photos and videos, you can never go wrong with Pixabay. I also some of their free videos for my YouTube tutorials.


StockVault offer thousands of free stock photos. These images are from designers and photographers who want to share their work with the whole world.


Unsplash is one of the best websites to use royalty free stock photos which can be used not only for personal but for commercial also – without attributing the author. They have a new tab extension to see a new photo when a new tab is opened.

Beautiful pink flower


Picwizard houses a free large collection of quality images with tools to edit images before downloading.

7. STOCKSNAP.IO has a large selection of beautiful and attractive high high resolution free stock photos. No attribution is needed and there are hundreds of images added daily.


Burst is from Shopify provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Their pictures are themed around all business niche. Their photos are not only for entrepreneurs alone – they also have general images.


PicJumbo’s library houses free images for personal and commercial purposes. Aside from their free images, they also have templates, mockups, fonts etc to use for free.


Green cacti bag with an iPhone

Reshot is a huge library of free stock photos that you will hardly find anywhere else. Built for every category of users including freelancers and designers who get tired of shabby photos.


Picography offers a large library of different pictures from different photographers. You also get to access stock photos from other sites


Barn images is a collection of free photos, fonts, mockups, templates, designs and more.

How to use free stock photos

Stock photos are used in:

  • Website design
  • Blog design
  • Pinterest graphics (Pin and board)
  • Facebook post and banner
  • Instagram post and stories
  • Blog post
  • Social media cover
  • E mail marketing and more

Why stock photos

There could be numerous reasons why people use them. For me:

  • To save time and unnecessary stress
  • Have time for other tasks
  • To have time to actually write posts

When i started with my first blog which no longer exist, i had no ideas there was anything as stock photos or related. I always had to search Google to find pictures on the topic i was writing about. For other graphics, i always relied on CorelDraw, making me spend so much hours designing few images.

It was soooo stressful, until i found Canva. Ever since, everything has changed and become easier 🙂 Stock photos really can save you a fortune of time and energy. Plus it has become a productivity booster.


These feminine stock photo website are also a great option.


You might have probably come across this amazing website once, right? Moms make cents offer a 25 feminine stock photos for free when you sign up for her e-mail list.

Reading image - brushes in a cup


Styled stock let’s you have access to their collection without signing up for their e-mail list or anything such. When you sign up, you get to receive exclusive contents from them.


By simply subscribing to their mailing list, you get access to their library with 100 free downloadable stock photos, an eBook And tips to grow your Pinterest.


With Oh Tilly membership, you get instant access to over 1400 high resolution images that can be used anywhere; social media, websites, blogs etc.


Hello You Designs provides her e-mail list subscribers 45 beautiful different images.

Here are my findings, let me know what you think in the comment box. And don’t forget to share.

10 thoughts on “17 free high quality stock photo websites”

  1. Some of these I’ve never heard of which I love! Free stock photos are a great way to get high-quality photos for your blog when you’re just starting and trying to watch costs. I now have a subscription with She Bold and LOVE her photos. I also use Depositphotos. Both places allow me to find unique photos that fewer people have used.

    1. Yeah, Photos are everything when it comes to blogging. I also have subscription with a couple of bloggers who offer stock photos for free 🙂 It’s just never too much

  2. This was a great list of free stock websites, I use Canva, Pixabay and Unsplash, but it was really handy to see the other stock websites that are out there. Thank you!

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