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12 home based business ideas for stay at home moms

Are you a stay at home mom and you are looking for online business ideas you can do right from the comfort of your home to make 4-5 figures monthly?

You have just come to the right place.

Being a stay at home mom is no bad idea as some people tag it. It has its own good and ugly sides though. You get to spend quality time with your family.

However, how about getting a few bucks while catering for your family? Sweet I guess 🙂

Maybe you have never thought of it. This post is an eye-opener to online business ideas for stay at home moms.

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate link(s), which means I may receive a small commission when you make a purchase through any of the links in this post. Thanks for understanding.

Although I am not one, I just feel these people are making a great sacrifice and they deserve to live their desired life and be debt free. I personally believe that these people are doing the best work ever.

Ok! Let’s drive ahead now.

Here are 12 home based business ideas for stay at home moms.

home based business ideas for stay at home moms - thewildthought.com


Blogging is one of the best ways to earn online these days from the comfort of your house. When it comes to blogging, it’s not something you have to do 24/7.

You can choose how frequently you would like to publish a post, choose a number of hours you would like to spend creating contents and maintaining your blog.

If you need a planner to help you schedule your week/month, this Ultimate blogger bundle is a great planner and also a workbook choice for bloggers and content creators. In this workbook, you can jot your ideas, what you are working on, your goal space, things to remember and more.

Want to start your own blog? Read this post.

As a stay at home mom, you don’t need to think too far looking for a niche. You can write about experiences of staying at home with your kids, how you schedule time with your kids and work and all of that. These are ideas so many working moms and to-be moms are looking for, you might just have a bunch of audience waiting for your blog J

You can as well check this post on the most profitable blog niches to choose from.

Have a blog and want to rank first on Pinterest search engine?  This Pinterest all in one course have all the secrets you need to know about ranking first on Pinterest search engine.

Read how Urwah Kamran of SocialMegaGrowth was able to pay her $15,000 debt in 6 weeks through her blog here!


Proofreading is simply reading a client’s content to remove all errors including word arrangement, typo and spelling errors. If you think you have the skills to proofread, don’t wait!

Check this introductory workshop for free!


A virtual assistant performs administrative tasks on behalf of their employers. This business does not need your physical presence – you can work from your comfort.

As a virtual assistant, you get to manage and set appointments, send and reply emails, answer pone calls if need be and other administrative tasks. Payment is between $20 – $100/hr and could be more depending on the tasks.

Make sure to offer low prices when starting out to attract clients and to build a portfolio. Plus you can source for jobs in marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.


In dropshipping business, you sell products without having them physically. In this business, you don’t need to keep inventory neither do you store the goods. This is taken care of by the manufacturer.

How Dropshipping works

  • You open a store on platform like Shopify or Woocommerce and publish/list products you wish to sell. If a product is originally sold for $15 from the manufacturer, you can list it for $25.
  • A customer finds your store and decides to purchase an item.
  • You (retailer) forwards the customer details to the manufacturer and pay $15. Making $10 profit.
  • The manufacturer/supplier ships the products to the customer using the store owner’s branding.

Done. Dropshipping is that easy.

You can find more information on the business in my Dropshipping eBook. The eBook contains all necessary information you need to know about the business; how to create a dropshipping store, how to optimize your store for search engines and how you can make money from the business.

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Affiliate marketing means promoting other people’s products/services to earn a commission when someone makes a purchase through your link. In affiliate marketing, you are given a unique link when you sign up –  all you need do is promote your link and make money from it.

Affiliate marketing is one common way bloggers and online marketers make money. This business is not only done with big platforms like Amazon or CJ affiliates.

Bloggers who have created courses on a particular topic tend to look for people to promote their work. Find them (Facebook groups), register promote and make money.

Want to know more about How affiliate marketing works? Read here!


This is one great way to earn money while being a stay at home mom.

Do you know how to prepare some special delicacies? Are you a food lover? Do you have something to teach people? Maybe you once had a successful career before becoming a home mom.

How about starting a YouTube channel? You can create contents/videos on whatever you like. This business doesn’t need any start-up capital. All you need is this camera to make all your videos.


Data entry doesn’t necessarily need you to know any programming skills like some people believe. Microsoft excel is all you need to master as a starter and any other data manipulating software.

You can find a role in Fiverr marketplace and Dion data.


If you have been able to build any social platform that has a handsome number of followers, why not try out your skill in managing other people’s social platforms. You don’t need to be a graphics designer to make your images. Canva can handle all of your graphics and anything related, you also get to try out millions of templates for free.

As a social media manager, you create engaging contents, reply comments and run campaigns for your client with the aim of increasing the brand/company’s reach and online presence.

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Digital products include; Planners, Templates, Stock images etc. This products can be created and sold at your comfort zone. This is a great home based business idea for moms because apart from for updates, you only need to create a product once and it continues to sell (means of passive income).

As a stay home mom, you can come up with a planner that contains all your weekly activities to help other stay home mom.

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The freelance marketplace has exploded with many companies, brands and entrepreneurs looking for content writers to write a content or write a review on their product(s). They pay a handsome amount of money for sure.


This is for you if you have a sense of creativity. You can become a graphics designer.

You can check for tutorials on YouTube to get started.


With the increase in number of blogs and websites, it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity. You don’t need to have any programming/coding skill but having is just an added advantage though.

With platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Wix, CMS and many more, you can create a website in a matter of few hours. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube to get you started.


These home based business ideas for stay at home moms are worth a try. Some would work for you. Having a side job or a job you can do at home will help you earn and make you financially free along with some more to save.

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